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Welcome from the Head of Department

A very warm welcome to you at the start of the 2021-22 academic year. We all hope that the next year will begin to see a return to normal life, with plenty of in-person teaching and the day-to-day interaction between all the members of the History community that can make the University such a vibrant and stimulating place.

This Handbook is designed to be a reference document that provides information on your course and the University. It is very detailed and will provide many links to important information maintained elsewhere in the University. You may find it most useful when you have a specific question, but you should look it over at the beginning of the year to ensure that you are clear about what will be expected of you, and what you can expect from the History Department. If you have any questions about the Handbook or its contents, or if you would like to make a suggestion, please speak with your Student-Staff Liaison Committee Course Representative, or speak to your personal tutor.

The aim of this handbook is to provide accurate and up to date information. It’s correct as of the start of the year, but as we know events sometimes intervene. Changes and updates can be found on our website ( which you are advised to check regularly. Please look out for, and read, emails that come from the departmental office or from me. The final arbiter of policy and procedure are the University Regulations, which can be found on the University Governance webpages (

For now, all best wishes for the new year.

Tim Lockley

Head of Department