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History Head Start - Week 12

'All for one, one for all: The story of COHSE 1910-1993'

This video was taken from the archive of the Confederation of Health Service Employees. The video tells the history of the Confederation of Health Service Employees (COHSE) and its predecessors. It includes a narration, quotes, photographs and interviews.


Once you've listened to first 4 minutes of the video, answer the following questions: 

  1. Who was the first person to be interviewed? Can you trust what she says or do you think she would be biased? 
  2. What sort of evidence is shown to support the interviewee’s statement that conditions for attendants were just as bad as for patients? 
  3. What is the pay difference between James Stavely and Alice Hayes? 
  4. Why was the housemaid Fanny Walker dismissed? 
  5. Do you think that the section of video you watched is biased or does it give a balanced account of the asylum?  

General Information:

To help you think about these sources in a historical way, use the list of questions to guide your thinking.

Tips for Using
Primary Sources: