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Postgraduate careers

What can I do with a History MA and History PhD?

Employers greatly value both History Masters and History PhDs for building valuable skills in research, communication, presentation and team working.

Our Masters graduates have pursued careers areas such as teaching, local government, NGOs, the law, media and journalism, the heritage and archive/library sector, the creative arts, and an array of roles in the private sector, such as consultancy, administration of various sorts and finance.

Many of our PhD graduates pursue academic careers, whilst others use their PhD as a stepping-stone to an exciting range of jobs outside academia, especially in heritage, museums and archives, policy and research, administrative roles of various kinds, teaching, media, and consultancy.

Dedicated advice

We have a dedicated careers adviser who works with our postgraduate students, even after they have graduated, to help them find the job they want.

Preparing for your future

"Doing a History PhD gave me lots of opportunities to try out new things and develop transferable skills for roles outside of academia. The most important part of my transition out of academia was to experiment with different opportunities (during and after my PhD) and to tap into the university’s support networks - it really helped to talk through the process with other people!" Becky Noble 

"I am lucky to have been able to use both the skills and knowledge acquired throughout my PhD at work. In my current role at City Hall I have worked to deliver Mayoral events and programmes that connect directly to history and people’s responses to it, as well as a programme of work that encourages policy makers to broaden their use of source materials and engage more with material culture." Melissa Bennett

* Data acquired by Warwick Alumni Office from students who have told us about their career destinations.