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Study abroad

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Venture to Venice

If you choose to study our Renaissance and Modern History stream you will spend a full term in your final year at our base in a palazzo near the Grand Canal in Venice.

We explore Venice, in all its principal aspects, cultural, economic, political, religious, and social. This gives you a unique opportunity to study the history of this great Mediterranean city while living in it. Guided tours of the city are a key part of the term, giving you the chance to take in major monuments and sites of interest. You’ll also have ten days to spend travelling across Italy.

Venice has a charm that refuses to wane, and I loved every minute of living in and exploring the city. I particularly loved doing my shopping at the Rialto market, meeting up with friends at Campo Santa Margherita (the only place that stays open past midnight!), and studying in the beautiful Querini Stampalia library. Italy is really well connected by train and so it was easy to do some last minute booking, submit our essays and escape for a week of adventure.

Ellie Webb, third year student

Your year abroad

History helps us understand more about the world we live in. We encourage you to explore more of that world too on a Year Abroad, by developing an internationalist approach to the study of the subject. The places where you can study and the numbers of places do change each year: currently we have partner universities in Europe, Australia and the Americas. Find out more on our Study Abroad pages.

McGill is certainly a fantastic university to attend for a year abroad. The module choices are broad and range from that of Native American History, to that of Canadian Politics. The lectures engage you constantly, question your thinking and advise you to find weakness in even the strongest of arguments. What have I learnt here? Well, aside from learning about some fascinating and obscure topics in Canadian and American History, I have learnt how to deal with -25 degree cold, how to dog sled, how to ice hockey and how to eat a 48-ounce steak in under 25 minutes!

Charlie White, third year student