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Study abroad

Follow the footsteps of history-makers

All of our single and joint honors students are eligible to apply for a year abroad during the first term of their second year of study.

Additionally, if you choose to study Renaissance and Modern History stream of study, you will have the opportunity to spend a full term in your third year at Warwick’s teaching facility in Venice, taught by Warwick staff.


While studying in Italy you will ake a module which explores the history of the city during the Renaissance. We explore Venice, in all its principal aspects, cultural, economic, political, religious, and social. This gives you a unique opportunity to study the history of this great Mediterranean city while living in it.

You will live in local, Venetian flats during your time in Venice, and our Venetian administrator helps to arrange the accommodation. The University guarantees accommodation on campus for third year students on their return, which means that you don’t have to worry about renting a flat in England during the autumn term.

I chose to apply to Warwick specifically for the Venice programme and it exceeded all my expectations. It truly was an awe inspiring experience throughout. For historians, the city provides the perfect base for us to uncover and explore a variety of primary sources. The chance to study abroad has helped me gain independence, internationalise my CV and experience a new culture.”

Isabella, History graduate

Year abroad

History helps us understand more about the world we live in. We encourage you to explore more of that world too on a year abroad, by developing an international approach to the study of the subject.

The places where you can study and the numbers of places do change each year: we currently have partner universities in Europe, Australia and the Americas.

Explore why you should study abroad during your time at Warwick.

"University over here (Tokyo) is very different to what I’m used to back home... Whilst different, it is no less interesting, i’m currently studying pre-modern Japanese history, Japanese development in East Asia, Public Policy in Japan and Buddhist Philosophy to name a few.

Of course a year abroad is about far more than just studying... So far I’ve made it down to the coast south of Tokyo to a place called Shimoda where I experienced an onsen (Japanese outdoor naturally warm springs) for the first time."

Sam, History and Politics (with Year Abroad)