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Guidelines for users of the Parish Network Forum

The PARISH NETWORK FORUM provides a platform for the posting of news, suggestions, comments and further materials relating to the Network’s themes. It is open to anybody with an interest in the study of parishes in the preindustrial period. Simply click on the word "Forum" in the right hand margin of the Network homepage and follow the instructions on the next screen. You can also add attachments to your message. Your contribution will be forwarded to the webmaster (purely to weed out spam) and published as soon as possible.

Contributions can range very widely, e.g. pointers to new literature, comments on relevant TV programmes, questions regarding sources, feedback on the Network website, reviews of individual books/articles etc etc. However, if you would like news, books, events, texts and projects to be listed on the main pages of the Network website, please forward the details to the webmaster (

Users should observe some basic rules:

  • Contributions should relate directly to parish research;
  • Postings should be constructive and free of content which may cause offence to other users of this website;
  • Responsibility for any views/materials uploaded on the FORUM rest with the sender, not the Warwick Network for Parish Research.


Members of the forum should also note the regulations governing the use of Warwick University computing facilities. Violations of these rules are taken seriously and may lead to legal proceedings.