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Members of the Warwick Network for Parish Research

NB: This page is no longer maintained; please go to our new Members page.

The Warwick Network for Parish Research is an informal association of individuals and groups working on parish-related themes. There are no formal obligations or requirements beyond an active interest in parish studies. New members are always very welcome. If you would like to be added to this list, please send details on your name, affiliation and/or place of residence and/or research group plus keywords on your specific interests and (optional) email / homepage to John Morgan.

Name (contact)

Affiliation / Place

Country Parish-Related Interests

Kristi W. Bain

Department of Religious Studies, Northwestern University, Illinois

USA Late medieval parish communities, primarily England but with interest in future projects on the German parish; conflict and community formation; monastic-parochial churches; rural parish communities; nostalgia and tradition in antiquarian and local histories of the parish church; and women's roles in late medieval and modern communities. Download Kristi's PhD project outline.

Paul Barnwell

Kellogg College, University of Oxford

UK Form and function in the English pre-Reformation parochial churches; medieval parochial churches in Northamptonshire; the experience of lay devotion, liturgy and parish worship, including liturgical enactment.

Denise Bonnette-Anderson

Centre for Local History, University of Leicester

UK Pews and social status in Anglican and Non-conformist places of worship in Buckinghamshire. Including church finance, women's seating arrangements over time. Currently working on PhD - redundant churches. Themes being explored include the changing nature of the parish, secularisation, community and belonging, landscape, heritage. Focus on Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.

Jeremy Boulton

School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Newcastle University

UK Poor relief, charity and welfare, 1550-1834; workhouses; parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields; London; Westminster; life-cycles and ageing; demography; burial customs. Project website:

Gabriel Byng

Department of History of Art, University of Cambridge

UK Parish church building in medieval England; the cost and affordability of church construction; communicating parish history to wider audiences through

Bernard Capp

Department of History,
University of Warwick

UK Early modern English social and cultural history; gender; culture wars of the mid-17thC; parish of Sileby.

Jonas Carlquist

Prof. of Scandinavian languages,
Umeå university

Sweden Devotion of Virgin Mary, St Bridget, vernacular religious manuscripts, church art.

Eric J. Carlson

Department of History, Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota

USA The English church in the 16th-17th centuries, with particular attention to pastoral ministry at the parish level; clergy-lay relations; churchwardens.

Bridget Cherry

Bitterley, nr Ludlow, Shropshire

UK Architecural history; medieval churches; late medieval monuments; currently researching the history of St Mary Hornsey, Haringey, London, including a survey of the churchyard tombs.

Christian Dury

Archives de l’Evêché de Liège

Belgium Archives, confraternity, guilds, obits.
Katherine French

University of Michigan

USA Women, urban, Westminster and London; material culture.

Gary G. Gibbs

History Dept, Roanoke College, Salem VA

USA London parishes, Tudor era.
Jennie Hawks

Tibenham, Norfolk

UK Artists and craftspeople in medieval churches in East Anglia, and European links for Art Alive in Churches.
Valerie Hitchman

School of History, University of Kent

UK Parish churches and parish life / activity during 17th century. Churchwardens' Accounts from earliest to c.1835.
Christopher Hussey

Department of History, University of Warwick

UK Women and criminal gangs in early modern England, 1500-1800.
Jonathan Kewley

London and the Isle of Man

UK/ IM Architectural history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with a special interest in grave monuments. Other research interests include the history of local government, and the history of the Isle of Man.
Beat Kümin

Department of History,
University of Warwick

UK Parish culture in the Age of the Reformation; churchwardens' accounts; the Swiss Parish Republic of Gersau.
Chris Langley

Department of History, Newman University, Birmingham

UK Early modern Scottish social and cultural history; War in the Early Modern parish in Britain and Ireland; care giving networks in early modern Scotland; Kirk-building.
Peter Marshall Department of History,
University of Warwick
UK Religious Culture of early modern England, esp. in the Age of the Reformation.
David C. Mayes Department of History, Sam Houston State University, Texas USA Communal and confessional life of rural parishes, central Europe 16th-20thC.
Bart Minnen Independent researcher, Wezemaal Belgium The origins and development of the network of rural parishes in Brabant in the Middle Ages; rural pilgrimage churches; devotional life; the function of the churchyard; the role of the Norbertines in the pastoral care in rural parishes; parishes and village communities; church accounts and other underexploited sources for the history of the parish / parish churches; the reconstruction of parish churches and the installation of the Counter-Reformation in the rural parishes in the Spanish Low Netherlands (early-17thC).
John Morgan Department of History,
University of Warwick
UK Early modern English social and cultural history; 'natural disasters', particularly flooding and fires; early modern Gloucestershire, particularly the Severnside parishes.
Hannes Obermair Civic Archives of Bozen-Bolzano Italy Parish culture in the Alpine region; churchwardens' accounts and pragmatic literacy; community building strategies; economies in urban-rural environments.
Susan Orlik Department of History, University of Birmingham UK The formation of identities through the material culture of parish churches between accession of Elizabeth and the start of the Civil War.
Nicholas Orme Department of History, University of Exeter UK All aspects of parish and church life during the middle ages and Tudor period: landscape, buildings, people and prosopography, liturgy, cults, chantries and guilds, education, and society.
Rebecca Probert School of Law, University of Warwick UK The history of marriage and cohabitation; illegitimacy.
Tim Reinke-Williams History, School of Social Sciences, University of Northampton UK Women and gender in early modern Britain; early modern London.
Arnd Reitemeier

Institut für Historische Landesforschung, University of Göttingen

Germany 15th and 16th century parishes in Germany, churchwardens' accounts.
Penny Roberts Department of History,
University of Warwick
UK Early modern French social, political and religious history; city of Troyes; French Wars of Religion.
Marie B. Rowlands Wolverhampton University, Retired UK The West Midlands in the pre-industrial period; recusant history; history of Catholicism; the work and religion of the "common sort". Principal publications: Masters and Men in the West Midlands 1660-1760 (1975); The West Midlands from 1000 A.D.(Longmans London 1987); ’Recusant women’ in M Prior ed. Women in English society (Methuen London 1986); Catholics of Parish and Town (Catholic Record Society, 1999); 'Harbourers and Housekeepers; Catholic women in England 1570-1720’ in B Kaplan et al. eds, Catholic Communities in Protestant States (Manchester University Press Manchester 2009); articles in Recusant History, Midland History, and Midland Catholic History.
Miri Rubin School of History,
Queen Mary,
University of London
UK Religious cultures 1100-1500.
Karsten M. Sørensen University of Aarhus / The Danish Library in Flensburg Denmark Parish Culture in early modern Denmark and Schleswig; churchwardens' accounts; giftgiving to churches in the early modern period; religious, official and personal usages of the church building.
Elizabeth Tingle Department of History, University of Plymouth UK Early modern French history; Brittany; piety in the Catholic and Counter Reformations.
Felicita Tramontana Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, University of Palermo Italy The birth and development of the Latin parishes of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in 1600.
Paola Vismara Dipartimento di Studi Storici, Università degli Studi di Milano Italy The Church in Northern Italy (17th-18th centuries): religious education, devotional life. The ideal model of priesthood ('the good priest').
Brodie Waddell Department of History, Birkbeck, University of London UK Local government (parishes, manors, towns), poor relief, common land (and other shared local resources) in England, c.1550-1800.

Magnus Williamson

School of Arts & Cultures, Newcastle University UK Musical practices, 1350-1600; organs, singers, ceremonies; musical sources (surviving and lost); resources and infrastructures; institutional contexts; performance.

Jonathan Willis

Department of History, University of Birmingham UK Reformation-era religion; theological ideas and popular belief in sixteenth century England; musical discourse and practice; the ten commandments; material and documentary evidence from parish churches.