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Previous Meetings of the Parish Symposium



Inaugural Meeting, 30 April 2003: 'New Approaches to Parish History'

Katherine French (SUNY New Paltz / Princeton, USA): 'Women’s Involvement in Shaping the Parish Liturgy'

Steve Hindle (University of Warwick): 'On the parish? Negotiating pension rights in seventeenth-century England'

Eric Carlson (Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, USA): 'Anticlericalism and the English Reformation: Cause, Effect, or Myth?'

Comment: Ethan Shagan (Northwestern University, USA)



Second Symposium, 5 May 2004: 'Parish Records and Parish Culture'

Alexandra Buckle (Magdalen College, Oxford): 'Records of Music in the Late Medieval Church: the Case of St Mary’s, Warwick'

Arnd Reitemeier (University of Kiel, Germany): 'The fabrica ecclesiae and the German Parish on the Eve of the Reformation'

Will Coster (De Montfort University, Bedford): 'Culture, Memory and Identity: English Parish Registers as Communal Histories 1538-1800'

Comment: Felicity Heal (Jesus College, Oxford)



Third Symposium, 14 May 2005: 'Parish Clergy and Parish Community'

C. Scott Dixon (Queen’s University, Belfast): 'Parish clergy and parish community in early modern German lands'

Christopher Durston (University of Plymouth): 'Some divisive issues in local religion in England, 1640-60: Prayer, Sundays and the sacraments'

Liz Tingle (University College, Northampton): 'Priests, parish devotions and the dead: Chantries in the Counter Reformation in Brittany 1500-1700'

Comment: Eamon Duffy (Magdalene College, Cambridge)


Fourth Symposium, 20 May 2006: 'Rituals and the Parish'

Arthur Bissegger (Lausanne/Basel, Switzerland): ‘Medieval Parish Rituals in the Diocese of Lausanne: The Evidence from Obituaries’

Bridget Heal (University of St Andrews): ‘Images of the Virgin Mary and Marian ritual in German parishes’

Christopher Marsh (Queen’s University, Belfast): ‘Music and ritual in English parish churches 1550-1700’

Comment: Edward Muir (Northwestern University, USA)



Fifth Symposium, 19 May 2007: 'Challenges to the Parish'

Rob Lutton (Nottingham), 'Parochial religion, heterodoxy and nonconformity in two Wealden parishes, c. 1450-1640' [Abstract]

Judith Pollmann (Leiden University), ''Parish churches and the Catholic imagination in the Dutch Republic' [Abstract]

Jeremy Gregory (University of Manchester), 'The porous parish, the Church of England and nonconformity: Leakage and seepage in late seventeenth and eighteenth-century England and New England' [Abstract]

Comment: Miri Rubin (Queen Mary, University of London)

[Conference report to follow]











'I wanted ... to let you know how influential the symposium was in shaping my own research.'

(Eric W. Nelson, Missouri State University, 2006)