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Churchwardens' Accounts Database

Welcome to our website – nothing here at the moment but soon it will be full of useful information. We are creating a searchable national database listing all surviving churchwardens’ accounts from the earliest known (c.1300) to c.1850. The database, although incomplete, will be available shortly and we will continue to add data as it is collected. The database will list every known parish church along with any chapels of ease and private chapels; the diocese, archdeaconry and deanery of each will also be included. Wherever possible an indication of the population, as given in the Heath Tax and in the early nineteenth century census, will be provided.The surviving churchwardens’ accounts will be located, examined and each year of survival will be listed with each total annual expenditure. Documents too fragile to be examined will also be mentioned ready for when they are conserved and available to researchers.

Note that the database is scheduled to go online in early 2019 at
so please use this address for your bookmarks.

Can you help?

We are looking for people to help us complete the data collection. Can you spare us some time and visit your local County Record Office or Local History Library?

You do not need experience of working with churchwardens’ accounts as we will give you full instructions and we will be available to answer questions, but you do need to be able to cope with some early handwriting and Roman Numerals.

If you think you would like to get involved or would like more information without obligation please contact Valerie Hitchman. Also contact Valerie if you would like to know when the database is available.