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Parish Sources

Please note that these pages are no longer maintained -
Up-to-date digital sources can now be found at My-Parish




Parish church of Gries near Bozen/Bolzano (South Tyrol/Italy) in 1980.
Picture by Hubert Walder, Denkmalamt Bozen.

Preacher from the 15thC "Schachbuch" by Cessolis

'Preacher expounding the game of chess', miniature from a manuscript of De ludo scacchorum by Jacobus de Cessolis (1458) [taken from the facsimile edition of Vatican Library, MS Cod. Pal. Lat. 961, published by Belser Verlag, Zurich 1988, f. 1r]



Benefactions for the Poor at Thame (Oxon.)

Table of benefactions for the poor of Thame (Oxon.) [Photo: BK]


Reconstruction of a small rural church in the Middle Ages. Source: Stockholm, Swedish Museum of National Antiquities, Gothic Hall.


lyddington_rails.jpg lyddington_cw.jpg

Somewhat against the spirit of the Laudian reforms (aiming to re-enhance the 'beauty of holiness' through moving altars to the east wall of chancels and demarcating them by means of a rail), the parishioners of St Andrew, Lyddington (Rutland), railed their communion table on all four sides (left). The work was carried out in 1635 under the supervision of the vicar, Richard Rudd, and the churchwardens, Kenolm Fowler and Nicholas Jordan (initials on the right). Photos: BK.















































































































The rood screen of Binham (Norfolk):

A medieval saint reappears under a layer of whitewash and scriptural texts added by reformers in the reign of Edward VI (1547-53)

[Photo: Binham Priory website; source]















The fifteenth-century parish church of St Albin at Ermatingen (Thurgau, Switzerland), a Paritätskirche used by both the Reformed and Catholic community since 1536 [source]