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The main output of the Coventry Lives project will be biographies of Coventry citizens. These biographies will tell the history of the city through the eyes of those who inhabited it. Those profiled will stretch from the medieval to the modern and will represent all of Coventry's diverse and multi-cultural population.

In time biographies will be mapped to physical locations within the city and will be grouped together to form trails designed to get residents and visitors to engage with the environment around them in a new way. Biographies will be available to view in two forms, a short biography which will briefly sketch the individual's life and a longer biography which will examine it in greater detail. Links will be provided to related sources and relevant local archival holdings to facilitate further study.

To give a taste of what is to come we have produced two sample biographies:

francisskidmore_hagam.jpgFrancis Skidmore, 1896.