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Project People

Project Team

Professor Mark Knights


I work on the political culture of early modern Britain and its empire c.1550 - c.1850, with particular interests in the history of corruption in Britain and its empire; the integration of political and social history; the nature of public discourse; the role of print; and the interaction of politics, literature and ideas.

Steve Ranford


I have been advising for and working on digital humanities projects for the last five years. As a curious technical generalist, I have contributed to over 20 projects in the Arts faculty in a wide range of subject areas across the humanities disciplines and technical solutions including collaborating with the research teams on the British Black and Asian Shakespeare Database and the Projection Project – predominantly around the use of web technologies. I am particularly passionate about the creative side of technical projects, prototyping, mocking-up, the design of systems to save research teams time and finding ways for digital to enhance the communication research outputs.

Harriet Wilson


I recently completed my MA in Early Modern History at the University of Warwick. My dissertation focused on the experiences of female camp followers during the English Civil Wars. In addition to gender and conflict during the seventeenth century, I am increasingly interested in public history, heritage and social memory.

Project Partners

Coventry Archives

Coventry Archives' holdings will provide much of the source base for the project. We will also collaborate on a range of community and educational outreach activities.

Centre for Teacher Education

We will work with the CTE to develop an educational programme designed to encourage young people to become involved in studying and researching the city's past.