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Conference Programme



9.00-9.10 Valerie Fraser and Rebecca Earle Welcome


Session 1: Costumbrismo and the Mexican Imagination

Chair: Valerie Fraser

9.10-10.00 María Esther Pérez Salas, ‘Vicios y Virtudes en el

Imaginario Mexicano"

10.00-10.45 Magali Carrera, 'Costumbrismo Imagery and the

Cartographic Imagination in 19th-century Mexico'

10.45-11.15 tea


Session 2: Diagnosing the Population

Chair: Rebecca Earle

11.15-12.00 Stacie Widdifield, ‘Merolico into Médico: The Image of

the Medical Professional in Late 19th Century Mexico’

12.00-12.45 Deborah Toner, ‘Xochitl’s Bar: Pulquerias and Mexican


12.45-2.00 lunch


Session 3: Representing the People

Chair: Helen Cowie

2.00-2.45 Guy Thomson, ‘Arrrieta's Chinas’

2.45-3.30 Brian Hamnett, ‘Literary Representations of


3.30-4.00 tea


Session 4: Imagining Colombia

Chair: Rebecca Earle

4.00-4.45 Margarita Serje, ‘Representations of la zona tórrida in

the Cuadro de Costumbres

4.45-5.30 Erna von der Walde, ‘The Orders of Civilization: The

 Cuadro de Costumbres and the Definition of Internal

Frontiers in Mid-Nineteenth Century Colombia’

5.30-5.40 Valerie Fraser and Rebecca Earle Closing Remarks


Rugendas La Plaza de Lima 

Debret A Brazilian Family in Rio de Janeiro