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Researchers and PhD students

John Braidwood

Centre for for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies

PhD Project on the cultural relations between the Chechs and Slovaks between 1918 and the present (supervisor: Dr. Piotr Kuhiwczak)


Bohdan Piasecki

Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies

PhD Project on modern Polish poetry and its translation into English, AHRC funded (supervisor: Dr. Piotr Kuhiwczak)

Alice Szczepanikova

Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellow



Centre for the Study of Women and Gender


Examining three major aspects of forced migration and gender in the context of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union: (1) how refugees make use of various notions of gender to interpret and construct their lives in exile within the framework of their families, households and wider social networks? (2) how they are constructed and imagined as gendered actors at the level of state and nongovernmental institutions and in the legal and policy documents that shape conditions of their life in exile? (3) what implications these gendered constructions have for their acquisition and access to political, civil and social rights? More concretely, the research focuses on the situation of refugees from three former Soviet countries – Armenia, Belarus and Russia/Chechnya – living in the Czech Republic.


- 2006. Bringing life into the “states of exception”: Chechen asylum seekers in a Czech refugee camp. Studi Emigrazione, XLIII(162): 323-340.

- 2006, ‘Дороги из Австрии в Чечню не будет: История скитаний одной семьи’ [There will be no way from Austria to Chechnya: A story of one family’s journey]. Чеченское Oбщество Сегодня [Chechen Society Today] 2(3): 16-17. Available at

- 2005. Gender Relations in a Refugee Camp: A Case of Chechens Seeking Asylum in the Czech Republic, Journal of Refugee Studies 18(3): 281-298.

- 2005. Беженство как вызов семейным устоям (чеченцы в чешском ‘центре размещения’) [Refugee experiences as a challenge to family relations: Chechens in the Czech refugee camp], Diasporas: Independent academic journal 1: 65-82.


Editor of the website Migration Online focused on migration processes in Central and Eastern Europe