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Academic Staff and Research Interests

Faculty of Arts


Department of History


Dr Christoph Mick


Central and Eastern Europe and Russia

  • 19th and 20th c.
  • Nation Building and Nationalism
  • War and Memorial Culture
  • History of Science
  • Soviet and German Foreign Policy

Professor Robin Okey



Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

  • Habsburg Monarchy
  • Nationalism in Comparative Perspective
  • ‘Modernisation’

Professor Christopher Read



  • Intellectual History
  • Social History of the Russian Revolution
  • Stalinism



Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies


Dr. Piotr Kohiwczak


Central and Eastern Europe

  • Translation Studies
  • Cultural Transfer
  • Holocaust Memoirs and Testimonies
  • Censorship in Central and Eastern Europe




Faculty of Social Studies


Department of Economics


Professor Mark Harrison



  • Russian and Soviet economic development and political economy
  • International economic history of World Wars I and II



Law School


Professor Istvan Pogany


Central and Eastern Europe

  • Constitutional Transition
  • Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Human and Minority Rights in the CEE States
  • The Austro/Hungarian Monarchy, esp. 1848-1918
  • Jews and Roma in Central and Eastern Europe



Department of Politics and International Studies


Dr. Nicole Jackson


Russia and Central Asia

  • Foreign Policy
  • Clandestine transnational activities (narcotic trafficking, terrorism)
  • Intrastate conflict (separatist and civil wars)
  • Human security
  • Migration and human trafficking
  • International/regional organizations

Dr. Peter Ferdinand

Eastern Europe and Russia

  • Theories and processes of democratisation
  • The political economy of development and international relations in the Asia-Pacific region
  • The political and economic transition of the former communist states in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe



Department of Sociology


Professor Simon Clarke


Russia and CIS

  • Management structures, employment relations and class formation in Russia
  • Gender differences in employment strategies in Russia
  • Research on the development of trade unionism in Russia and China
  • Social and political thought


Dr. Anne-Marie Kramer


Central and Eastern Europe (especially Poland)

  • Abortion debate in Poland in relation to Polish national identity and democratisation from a gendered perspective
  • Gender and postcommunism across East-Central Europe
  • Gender, nation and democratisation
  • Reproductive politics
  • Feminist theorising around the body

Professor Hilary Pilkington



  • Youth in Russia

Dr. Charles Turner



  • Social and political theory
  • The sociology of collective memory and history
  • The future of Europe