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Workshop Participants

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Ronald Asch, History, Albert-Ludwigs Universität (Freiburg)
Research Interests: Early modern European courts, with special reference to England and the Holy Roman Empire.
Sibylle Backmann, History, University of Münster
Research Interests: German merchants in the Venetian economy.
Arnaud Bartolomei, History, University of Provence/Madrid
Research Interests: The use and functions of bills of exchange in early modern Europe.
Jens Baumgarten, History of Art, University of Sao Paolo
Research Interests:
Doris Behrens-Abouseif, Art and Archeeology, SOAS (London)
Research Interests: Art and architecture of the Mamluks and Ottomans including waqf history; the decorative arts of Islam (1250-1800); later Islamic painting; Islamic aesthetics.
Antony Black (Professor Emeritus), Politics, University of Dundee
Research Interests: European and Islamic political thought.
Anne Brogini, History, University of Nice
Research Interests: Economic history of Malta in the early modern period.
Bernard Capp, History, University of Warwick
Research Interests: Radicalism in seventeenth-century England; popular beliefs and culture; gender history of early modern England.
Christine Carpenter, History, University of Cambridge
Research Interests: Political and constitutional history of England in the later middle ages (c. 1215-1509) and the related subject of the political, social, economic, religious and cultural history of noble and gentry landowners in this period.
Annastella Carrino, History, University of Bari
Research Interests: Economic, social and cultural history of early modern Italy.
Bartolomé Yun Casalilla, History, European University Institute (Florence)
Research Interests: Cultural and social history of early modern Europe and Latin America, with special emphasis on the social history of European institutions and cultures, the history of consumption, economic history and the history of economic institutions.
José Casanova, Sociology, New School for Social Research (New York)
Research Interests: Religion, democratisation, transnational migration and globalisation, most recently rethinking secularisation from a global comparative perspective; and transnational religion and diversity.
Robert J. Christman, History, Luther College (Decorah, Iowa)
Research Interests: The German Reformation.
Peter Clark, History, University of Helsinki
Research Interests: Urban and social and cultural history, mostly related to early modern Britain; European comparative studies; recent projects on 'Space, Nature and Culture in the City: Helsinki, Stockholm, London, St Petersburg 1850-2000', and 'Green Space and Sport in European Cities in the Twentieth Century'.
Henry J. Cohn (Emeritus), History, University of Warwick
Research Interests: Early modern diets of the Holy Roman Empire; the German Peasants' War; social and political consequences of the Reformation.
Olivia Remie Constable, History, University of Notre Dame
Research Interests: Economic, social and urban history of the medieval Mediterranean, especially conflicts between Muslims, Christians and Jews.
Eloy Martín Corrales, History, University of Barcelona
Research Interests: Economic history of Cadiz.
Mike Crang, Geography, University of Durham
Research Interests: Landscape and nationalism in nineteenth and twentieth-century Sweden; electronic media and urban experience; representation of places and media; tourism and heritage; socio-spatial theory.
Christoper Dyer, History, University of Leicester
Research Interests: Economic and social history, especially of the medieval period, which includes rural and agricultural history, and the history of towns and commerce; social history of regions, communities and families; settlement and landscape history; medieval archaeology and material culture; vernacular architecture.
Iris Gareis, Anthropology, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University (Frankfurt)
Research Interests:
Jean-Louis Gaulin, History, University of Lyon II
Research Interests: Commerce and judicial practices in early modern Italy.
Molly Greene, History, University of Princeton
Research Interests: Ottoman History, Crete under the Ottomans and the history of the Greek merchants.
Mark Häberlein, History, University of Bamberg
Research Interests: The commercial activities of the Welser company of Augsburg.
Daniela Hacke, History, University of Zürich
Research Interests: Cultural history of early modern Europe, with special reference to the gender history of early modern Italy and Germany; the history of the emotions; bi-confessional coexistence; the cultural history of politics; and the history of communication.
Steve Hindle, History, University of Warwick
Research Interests: Social, cultural and economic history of early modern England, with special reference to popular protest, poverty and poor relief.
Karstern Igel, History, University of Osnabrück
Vera Isaiasz, History, Humboldt University (Berlin)
Yosef Kaplan, History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Research Interests: Social and intellectual history of the Western Sephardi Diaspora in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries; the history of the Portugese community of Amsterdam in the seventeenth century; the social and cultural history of the Conversos in the Iberian peninsula between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.
Susan Karant-Nunn, History, University of Arizona
Research Interests: Social and cultural consequences of the German Reformation, with special reference to ritual, gender and religious emotions.
Yves Krumenacker, History, University of Lyon 3
Research Interests: History of Christianity and Christian thought, with special reference to mysticism, spirituality and heterodoxy; the cultural history of elites; the cultural and social history of Lyon and the Lyonese.
Hans-Georg Lippert, Architecture, Technical University of Dresden
Tahar Mansouri, History, University of Mannouba
Research Interests: Cultural and economic exchanges between the occident and the orient in the middle ages.
Silvia Marzagalli, History, University of Nice
Research Interests: Trade in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world.
Leïla Maziane, History, University of Casablanca
Research Interests: Functions and development of Moroccan ports in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Gigliola Pagano de Divitiis, History, University of Calabria
Research Interests: History of the Mediterranean world, with special emphasis on relations with northern Europe, empire, globalisation, and taste, fashion and consumption.
Alexander Pyrges, History, University of Trier
Research Interests: Pietist networks in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world; communications theory.
Jacques Rossiaud, History, University of Lyon 3
Research Interests: Medieval prostitution; the social, cultural and religious history of medieval and early modern Lyon.
Stefanie Rüther, History, University of Münster
Research Interests: Urban power groups in the late middle ages; church and city in the Hansa region; war and the use of force in the late middle ages.
James C. Scott, Institution for Social and Policy Studies, University of Yale
Research Interests: Peasant politics, resistance and rebellion, anarchism, ideology, political economy and class relations in Southeast Asia.
Kim Siebenhüner, History, University of Basle
Research Interests: The social, religious and cultural history of the early modern period, with special reference to inquisitions, criminality, migration, religious conversions, trade, consumption and material cultures.
Patricia Subirade, History, University of Paris 1
Angelo Torre, History, Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale (Alessandria)
Research Interests: Social, cultural and religious history of early modern Italy, with special reference to the Piedmont; historiography, anthropology and microhistory.
Michel Tuscherer, History, University of Provence
Research Interests: Economic history of the port of Alexandria during the Ottoman period.
Giulia Vertecchi, History, University of Venice
Research Interests: The functions and use of funduqs in eighteenth-century Venice.
Stefan Weber, History, Aga Khan University
Research Interests: Residential and public architecture, interior design and urban organisation (society, administration, fabric, infrastructure and public space) within Islamic societies.
Ian D. Whyte, Department of Geography, University of Lancaster
Research Interests: Landscape, economy and society in early modern Scotland and northern England, ranging from agriculture and rural society to urban development.
Andreas Würgler, History, University of Bern
Research Interests: History of representative institutions: The Swiss Diet (Tagsatzung), 1470-1798; petitions, gravamina and supplications in early modern Europe (in cooperation with Cecilia Nubola, Trento, Italy); political communication in early modern societies; urban and rural social protest in early modern central Europe; media in early modern Europe.
David Zaret, Sociology, University of Indiana
Research Interests: Historical sociology, social theory and the sociology of culture. Democratic culture, especially the impact of printing on petitioning and other communicative practices.