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PhD Progress

Since March 2011 I've done a lot of research looking at some fascinating primary sources. I'm currently working on my upgrade chapter which is going to be about midwifery education in the 18th century London, looking at both male and female midwives. I have so much exciting data! I was very impatient and could not wait to share - and so in 2012 I presented some of my findings at three conferences: the most important one was, of course, the yearly postgraduate history conference at Warwick University. Then there were two midwifery conferences - the first International Conference in Education and Research in Midwifery at Nottingham University (NICER) and a yearly conference of the Royal College of Midwives which this year was in Brighton. Abstracts can be accessed via the Profile or the Publications and Presentations page. The powerpoint presentation slides below include much of the material which will be discussed in my upgrade chapter.

Midwifery education in 18th century London