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Christopher Hussey

I am now working as a trainee solicitor and no longer study at Warwick.

Contact Information

Email: C dot Hussey at warwick dot ac dot uk 

Academic Profile

MPhil/PhD History, University of Warwick , 2012 –

MA in History, University of Warwick , 2012.

BA (Hons) History, University of Sussex, 2011.


I am a first-year doctoral candidate working under the supervision of Dr Jonathan Davies. My PhD project investigates the involvement of women in criminal gangs during the early modern period in England (predominantly focusing on London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent) c.1500-1800.

My research interests extend to all aspects of violence and crime in early modern Europe, typically using gender as an analytical approach.

I am also working as a Research Assistant on the AHRC Isaac Newton Project (University of Sussex) transcribing and publishing Newton's original theological manuscripts. I am currently working on a document which includes drafts of the 'Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica' and the 'Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms'.

Affiliations and Responsibilities

Elected member of the Royal Historical Society.

Member of the Warwick Network for Parish Research.

Peer reviewer for Warwick's postgraduate history journal Retrospectives.