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Drawing from my PhD research I have two projects in mind.

First, considering the ethnic tensions in South Asia I am planning a new project on motherhood in Sri Lanka in which I examine the ways in which motherhood could be reframed as citizens of the state by emancipating women's bodies as reproducers of the nation.

Secondly, drawing from my critical interest in the work women’s bodies are put to in service of the nation, I trace the career of the Sri Lankan women’s international cricket team. How might the study of women athletes both disturb our assumptions and provide a better account of sport and nation in colonial and postcolonial locations? Further, during the country’s civil war (1983-2009), the men’s side remained one of the only multi-ethnic national institutions in Sri Lanka. What about cricket allowed for this anomaly? If women and their bodies are the traditional cultural reproducers of the nation, how might women’s sporting bodies create new political possibilities for their emancipation (or, their continued subordination)?