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David Scott Gehring - ePortfolio

Welcome to the ePortfolio of David Gehring

(Updated for the last time 27 August 2013; for further information, see

In late 2010, David finished his PhD in the Department of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, under the supervision of Professor Johann Sommerville. He was at Warwick as a graduate exchange research fellow for academic year 2006/2007 before moving on to the Hebrew University for a similar fellowship the following academic year. During these years of generous funding he conducted research for his doctoral thesis, but the final write-up years were spent in the congenial surroundings of the University of Wisconsin, his home institution since 1997. After a post as lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County (in Wausau, a great town in the Northwoods, it must be said), he was a lecturer in History at the University of California-Riverside, where he taught the World History survey and two courses on witchcraft in early modern Europe. He is currently back in the UK as a Junior Research Fellow in the Department of Theology & Religion at Durham University. The fellowship offers a generous three years for research, writing, and professional development, and it runs to the end of February 2015.

David's PhD thesis underwent some culling and refining for the recent publication of his first book: Anglo-German Relations and the Protestant Cause. His general field of research is international politics and religion in England and mainland Europe during the reign of Elizabeth I. Rather than focus on relations between England and the hotter sort of Protestants of the mainland as most historians have, he considers anti-Catholics of various shades including those of a non-, but not necessarily anti-, Calvinist stripe. Most specifically, then, David's research delves into the international theatre of Anglo-Lutheran religio-political relations vis-a-vis post-Tridentine Catholicism and the perception of a Holy League. At the heart of the matter is the ideology behind efforts to confederate a pan-Protestant League, and how those motivations were implemented in both Elizabethan foreign policy and the domestic sphere.

That said, welcome to his Warwick page. Please feel free to investigate its contents, and should you hold parallel interests, feel free to contact him or check out his homepage, where you can find his teaching materials.

Further Details

Department: Theology & Religion, Durham University
Research Topic: International Religio-Politics in Elizabethan England and Germany during the Confessional Age
Current Funding: Marie Curie / COFUND International Junior Research Fellow, Durham University

Egyptian Camel
Along the Nile, south of Luxor, Egypt.

Contact Me

d dot s dot gehring at durham dot ac dot uk

Durham University
Department of Theology & Religion
Abbey House, Palace Green
Durham DH1 3RS
United Kingdom