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Beyond Modernity: Programme

Beyond Modernity.


How are we writing the Political History of the Spanish World in the middle period?


Saturday 7th March 2009

 Conference programme.


9.00-10.00 Registration.

10.00-12.15 Panel 1: Spain in Spanish America, Spanish America in Spain.

Speakers: Brian Hamnett (Essex)

Tamar Herzog (Stanford)

José María Portillo Valdés (Compostela)

Commentator: Guy Thomson (Warwick)

12.15-13.15 Lunch.

13.15-15.30 Panel 2: Comparative histories: writing across and beyond the Spanish World.

Speakers: Scarlett O'Phelan (Cambridge / PUCP)

James Sanders (Utah St.)

Mónica Quijada (CSIC, Madrid)

Commentator: Anthony McFarlane (Warwick)

15.30-15.45 Coffee break.

15.45-18.00 Panel 3: Being ancient, colonial or pre-modern: the political practices of what was before.

Speakers: David Brading (Cambridge)

Clément Thibaud (Nantes)

Javier Fernández Sebastian (UPV, Bilbao)

Commentator: Helen Cowie (Warwick)