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Ashok Patel - ePortfolio

Welcome to the ePortfolio of Ashok Patel.


I am a PhD student in the History Department at the University of Warwick, and am researching the events in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland from 1960 to 1972.

I completed a BA Hons in History at the University of Essex in 2004 studying a wide range of subjects ranging from Early Modern European Crime and Punishment to 20th European and American Politics. The title for my BA dissertation was 'The Image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: His Lifetime and his Legacy', in which I examined the public image of the Civil Rights leader during his life and the legacy that continued after his death.

I remained at Essex University to complete my MA in History. The title of my MA dissertation was 'The Irish War of Independence and the Irish Independence Movement as Reported by the British National Press, 1919-1921'. Through this I gained both knowledge and greater interest in the Irish Nationalist movement, which I am taking further in my PhD research.

About My Research


Department: History

Supervisor: Professor Maria Luddy

Research topic: 'The reaction in the South to the events in Northern Ireland from 1960 to 1972'

My current research is focused on the Northern Irish Civil Rights and Nationalist movements from 1960 to 1972. I will examine the popular reaction in the Republic of Ireland to the developments in Northern Ireland during this period, in order to provide a better understanding of the relationship between the two regions. The period, 1960 to 1972, was one of dramatic political, social and economic change in the two regions with leaders such as Lemass and O’Neill preaching, and sometimes implementing, reforms. It was also a period which witnessed significant cultural developments such as the creation of Irish Television through RTE, and the surge in the Irish film industry. These developments, together with the growing conflict in Northern Ireland at the time, provide a wealth of potential research areas which have, so far, been relatively unexplored.


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