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Publications and papers

Review: Toni Calasanti and Ruth E. Ray (eds.), Nobody’s Burden: Lessons from the Great Depression on the Struggle for Old Age Security (Lexington, 2011),
Ageing and Society June, 2013

An Age-Old Old Age Debate Warwick Knowledge Centre February, 2013

The Status of Senility: What Was Old Age in Nineteenth-Century Psychiatry?
Life-Cycles Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, London October, 2013

‘A Rudimentary Character’: The Life-Curve, Second Childhood and (D)evolution in Nineteenth-Century Medicine
What is Old Age? New Perspectives from the Humanities, University of Warwick February, 2013

‘Freed from thraldom to passion’?: Emotion and old age in nineteenth-century Britain.
Emotions, Health & Wellbeing, Society for the Social History of Medicine Conference, QMUL September, 2012

Asylum case notes as biography: the case of Sarah Townsend
Writing Lives Symposium, The Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick May 2012

The Lunacy Commission and the Problem of the Aged, 1845-1905
Getting Into and Out of the Asylum and Mental Hospital: Admissions, discharges and the Impact of Treatments on the Mentally Ill, c.1850-2000’, University of Exeter September, 2011

‘The Unformed Mind’: Second Childhood and Dissolution in Nineteenth-Century Medicine History Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick June, 2011

“Nothing Absolutely Characteristic”: The Meaning of Senility in Nineteenth-Century British Psychiatry British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference, University of Manchester January, 2011