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Tom Rodgers


Welcome to my University of Warwick ePortfolio

I completed my doctoral studies at the University in 2011


This webpage contains information about my academic and professional interests


Please feel free to contact me by email: t_rodgers(at)


My dissertation 'The Boundaries of Coercion in the American Revolution, ca. 1760-1789' explored the themes of governance and the state throughout the imperial crisis that sundered the Thirteen Colonies from the British Empire and led to the formation of the United States.

This project was generously funded by the University of Warwick, and supervised by Dr Tim Lockley


University of Glasgow, Department of History, Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1-semester course in 2010

University of Warwick, Department of Comparative American Studies, Teaching Assistant, 2008-2009


Secretary to the European Early American Studies Association, or EEASA

Producer of the Warwick History Department webpages on Guidance for Doctoral Examination