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Charlotte Mason



I am a first year PhD student studying under Dr. Penny Roberts at the University of Warwick. My research focuses on ideas about poverty and charity during the French wars of religion, c. 1550-1600. I am particularly interested in the role of charity in the ascendancy both of Protestantism and of the Catholic League. In my thesis I will look at the ways in which both Protestants and Catholics used charity as a means for recruitment and retainment of supporters, or simply to ease their passage to power, drawing on case studies as a means for comparison. I will also examine how minority groups used charity as an aid to survival and as a form of resistance. In addition, my reseach aims to interrogate the ways in which the monarchy, particularly Henri III attempted to harness charity and poor relief measures in an effort to reunite the country and address the chaos caused by the civil wars.




I graduated from the University of York in 2006 with a first class degree in History. It was during my third year at York that I became interested in the wars of religion, through a special subject module under Dr. Stuart Carroll. In 2007-8, I completed the MA in Social and Religious History at Warwick University, before starting my PhD in October 2009.



Reformation Studies Colloquium, University of St. Andrews, 7th-9th September 2010

'Charity and Protestant identities during the French wars of religion'

As part of a panel entitled 'Protestant Identities in the French wars of religion' with James Tucker (Warwick) and Linda Briggs (Warwick).


Charity Begins at Home: Approaches to the History of Domestic Space and Voluntary Action (Voluntary Action History Society), University of Warwick, 27th March 2010

'The Home and Acts of Mercy in the French Wars of Religion, c. 1550-1600'


European Reformation Research Group Annual Conference, University of Bristol, 10th-12th September 2008

'Co-opting the 'Charitable Imperative': Catholic and Protestant uses of the rhetoric of charity in France during the wars of religion'


Warwick Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick, 28th-29th May 2008:

'Poor relief and social welfare in France during the wars of religion'




I co-organised the Warwick Postgraduate Conference 2007-8 with Jenny Elliot. For more details see

Charlotte Mason 

Charlotte Mason

Charlotte dot Mason at warwick dot ac dot uk