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Stephen Bates - Professional Development


'Salvatrix Mundi? Reforming the Redemptive Role of the Virgin Mary', in Jonathan Willis (ed.), Sin and Salvation in Reformation England (Aldershot: Ashgate, in press)

'Weaving Vernacular Garlands: Devotions to the Virgin in English, 1525-37', in Jonas Carlquist and Virginia Langum (eds), Words and Matter: The Virgin Mary in Late Medieval Parish Life (Stockholm: Runica et mediaevalia, in press)

'Review of Nicholas Orme, The Church in Devon, 400-1560 (Exeter, 2013)', The English Historical Review (in press)

'Turning 'wyne into water': the Erasmian Re-imagination of the Virgin Mary', in Laura Aydelotte (ed.), A Mirror for Medieval and Early Modern Studies: Selected Proceedings of the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies 2012 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference (Chicago: Newberry Library, 2012)


Academic Papers

June 2014 - 'Imitatio Mariae: the Virgin as a telos in Reformation England' (Centre for Marian Studies, York)

April 2014 - 'Woman as the ideal man: an imitatio Mariae in the Reformation?' (Society for Reformation Studies, Cambridge)

June 2013 - 'Salvatrix Mundi? Reforming the Redemptive Role of the Virgin Mary' (Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon)

November 2012 - 'Weaving Vernacular Garlands: Devotions to the Virgin in English, 1525-37' (University of Umeå)

September 2012 - 'Death and the Virgin: the Reformation of Marian Intercession' (Durham University)

May 2012 - 'Parochial Engagements with the Virgin Mary in Reformation England' (University of Warwick)

May 2012 - 'Representation and Reformation of the Virgin Mary in the English Parish' (Queen Mary, University of London)

January 2012 - 'Turning 'wyne into water': the Erasmian Re-imagination of the Virgin Mary' (Newberry Library, Chicago)

December 2011 - 'Marian Conversions in Reformation England' (McGill University, Montreal)

September 2011 - 'Identity and Integrity in the English Reformation' (University of Newcastle)

May 2011 - 'The Rise and Fall of the Rosary in Reformation England' (Queen Mary, University of London)

September 2010 - 'Appropriating the Passion: Christocentric Piety and Our Lady's Swoon' (University of St Andrews)

June 2010 - ''To promote a woman to beare rule': The Queen of Heaven and Political Loyalty, 1553-1558' (University of Liverpool)

May 2010 - 'Between Doctrine and Devotion: Adaptation of the Virgin in Late Medieval England' (University of Warwick)


Fellowships and Competitive Awards

Andrew W. Mellon Fellow of the Academy for Advanced Study in the Renaissance (2013)

The Newberry Library, Chicago: Newberry Renaissance Consortium grant (2012)

University of Warwick: Callum MacDonald Memorial Bursary (2012)

University of Warwick: Dr Joan Lane Social History bursary (2012)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: 'Forms of Conversion' Graduate Research Assistant (2011)



Catholic Reformation Research Network

Centre for Marian Studies (hosted by the University of Roehampton)

European Reformation Research Group

Warwick Network for Parish Research

Warwick Theology Reading Group


Organisational responsibilities

Early Modern Movies

Thinking Aloud

My Favourites


Skills development

Latin for Research (at the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance)

Paleography: from Manuscript to Print (at the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, 2007-08)