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Personal Development


October 2012 - June 2013 Making of the Modern World Seminar Tutor

Conference Papers

July 2013, 'From Look After Yourself to Look After Your Heart: The Role of Nutrition and Consumerism in Health Education in the UK, 1973-1991', Food in History: Anglo-American Conference for Historians, Institute of Historical Research

July 2013, 'Envisioning Health: Diet, Disease Prevention and Visual Culture in Postwar Britain', Nutritional Guidelines: Past and Present Perspecttives Conference, University of York

May 2012, 'You Are What You Eat: Chronic Disease, Consumerism and Health Education in Postwar Britain', University of Warwick History Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick.

January 2012, 'The Crusade to 'Conquer Cancer': Public and Voluntary Health Education Initiatives in the Campaign against Lung Cancer in Ireland, 1958-1978', British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick.

April 2011, 'Evisaging State Healthcare: A Visual Investigation into Irish Public Health Campaigns, 1945-1958', History of Science, Technology and Medicine in Ireland, Collins Barracks, Dublin.

July 2010, 'Envisaging State Healthcare: A Visual Investigation into Irish Public Health Campaigns 1945-1958: The depiction of fantasy or reality?' Faculty of Imagining, Universitas 21 Research Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Public Engagement

June 2012, Assistant, public engagement event, Hiding in the Pub to Cutting the Cord organised by Dr. Laura King for an exhibition at the Coventry Mysteries festival. This involved talking to members of the public about the exhibition, encouraging people to get involved in the project by writing comments cards and offering children the chance to make fathers' day cards.

April 2013, Assistant, public engagement event, organised by Dr Tania Woloshyn for an exhibition and interdisciplinary workshop focussed on sunlight technologies. This involved assisting in in the registration process, answering attendee questions and queries, keeping notes during the presentations and helping to coordinate catering during the day.

June 2013, Research Assistant, public engagement event, Trade in Lunacy organised by Professor Hilary Marland in collaboration with Talking Birds Theatre Company. This involved collaborating not only with Professor Marland, but also the Director, performers, the composer and general manager in producing research for informing the content of the play and writing short, informative pieces on the historical background of the play made available on the website. I also helped disseminate posters, information leaflets and press information leading up to the play and assisted on the day with front of house duties and collecting public feedback.

April-September 2014, Curator, exhibition Eating for Health in Wartime and Postwar Britain at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. I coordinated this pilot project, running from April to September in the Outpatients Department of UHCW with the assistance of Emma Linnane, the Healing Arts Coordinator at UCHW. It is centred on displaying a selection of national propaganda posters of focussed on the themes of food and health in Britain from c. 1940 to 1980. It involved building up a strong working relationship with Emma for the organisation of the NHS Trust's approval of the exhibition. I liased with the Imperial War Museum, the Science Museum and the Thackray Museum in Leeds to receive licensing for displaying the posters. I composed promotional leaflets to accompany the exhibition, devised an online and hardcopy feedback questionnaire, established a blog dedicated to the exhibition and providing more information on each poster on display. This blog allows me to provide analytical examinations of the posters displayed to maximise the reach of my academic research to a non-specialist audience. As an ancillary enterprise, I am conducting oral histories with consenting patients on their memories of health education, rationing, diet trends and food consumption patterns in wartime and postwar Britain.

June 2014, Research Assistant, public engagement event, A Malady of Migration organised by Professor Hilary Marland and Dr. Catherine Cox again in collaboration with Talking Birds Theatre Company. This was the second in the Asylum Trilogy of theatre productions and I reprised my role as research assistant. Again I collaborated with both the academics and the Talking Birds team to inform the content of the play and likewise making short information pieces available online on both the Warwick website and the Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland website.

Conference Publications

Hand, Jane. ‘Envisaging State Healthcare: A Visual Investigation into Irish Public Health Campaigns 1945-1958: The depiction of fantasy or reality?’ The Oculus Journal, The Virginia Journal of Undergraduate Research, Fall 2010.