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Ricardo Aguilar-Gonzalez

I am a Mexican historian PhD research student currently working on the history of food in colonial Mexico (New Spain), especially in XVI and XVII centuries at the Department of History at the University of Warwick (UK) under the direction of Prof Dr Rebecca Earle where I was awarded the Chancellor’s International Scholarship by the University of Warwick Graduate School.

I have taught History, historiography and Mexican Literature at National University of Mexico (UNAM) and at Saint Nicholas de Hidalgo Michoacan State University in Morelia (UMSNH), my hometown, in Mexico. I worked as associate editor for two years at the Centro de Investigaciones en Geografia Ambiental at UNAM and four years at the Department of History at the latter University. In 2013-2014 I was the head of the Luis Chavez Orozco Library of the Department of History at UMSNH where I have worked as curator and research assistant since 2000.

I have annotated and co-authored along with Gerardo Sánchez Díaz Alexander von Humboldt’s Tablas geográfico-politicas del reino de la Nueva España (UMSNH, 2005 I have also co-edited with art historian Angelica J. Afanador-Pujol, Don Antonio Huitzimengari: información y vida de un noble indígena en la Nueva España del siglo XVI (UNAM-UMSNH, 2018), a study, transcription and notes of the document ‘Información de méritos y servicios’ presented to the Indies Council by New Spain indigenous noble don Antonio Huitzimengari in 1553. I am currently editing the homage-book Abrir y sembrar caminos. Estudios de historia cultural regional en homenaje a Gerardo Sánchez Díaz. I have devoted part of my academic work to interviewing academics whose work and life, I see, could help us disseminate how important the research work conducted at Universities is for the life of the many.

History of Food in the New Spain (Colonial Mexico)
For this research, I am interested in the use of ‘Relaciones geográficas de Indias’ (geographical records of XVI century Americas) to create a Historical Geographic Information System (HGIS) to study food culture, cookware, foodstuffs, food supply distribution and markets in Colonial Mexico. I also aim to use XVI and XVII century travel writing dealing with of New Spain (Ciudad Real, Carletti, Hakluyt and Purchas) and early modern dictionaries on vernacular languages (be them European or American).

Research interests

History of food, Relaciones geográficas de Indias (XVI century), History of science in the Atlantic world, global history of Latin America, Renaissance history and the New World, history of the New Spain, Indigenous nobility, Samuel Purchas, Richard Hakluyt, Don Antonio Huitzimengari, Don Vasco de Quiroga, Paleography and Academic Journalism.

Funding and Awards
Saint Nicholas Hidalgo Michoacán State University (Mexico) Research assistant scholarship. Research project: Economy and society in XVI-XX century coastal Michoacán, 2005-2010
Mexican Research Council (Conacyt) Master’s degree scholarship, 2006-2008.
University of Warwick Graduate School Chancellor’s International Scholarship, 2018-2021.

Conference Organiser
- International Conference: Convergent sights on the city, at Saint Nicholas Hidalgo Michoacán State University, Morelia, August 14-16, 2017. DOI:
- ‘Honourable guests arrive before dusk’: Hospitality, hospitals and foreignness in the Iberian world, at Saint Nicholas Hidalgo Michoacán State University, Morelia, August 17, 2017.

-Historiography: from Antiquity to Renaissance. Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Morelia, 2013-2017.
-Contemporary Mexican History, Universidad Latina de América – Oregon State University (AHA Programme), August 2013-2014.
-Modern Mexican Essay at Spanish Studies School, Saint Nicholas Hidalgo Michoacán State University, Morelia August 2015-Decmber 2015.
-Instructor of English as Second Language, Modern Languages Department, Saint Nicholas Hidalgo Michoacán State University, Morelia, September 2007-december 2016.

Academic Background
2018 - 2021 University of Warwick, (PhD) History
2006 - 2008 Department of History, Saint Nicholas Hidalgo Michoacán State University, Morelia (MA research) Mexican History.
1999 - 2003 School of History Saint Nicholas Hidalgo Michoacán State University, Morelia, BA (Hons) History. profile and Open Access papers:

Contact details:

Twitter: @ganapanem


The University of Warwick

Chancellor's International Scholarship

The University of Warwick

Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo


Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo

Ricardo Aguilar - Abbey Fields

Ricardo Aguilar

Fruits of Mexico

Water-colour sketch of the fruits of Mexico by Mrs Alec Tweedie, in Mexico as I saw it (1901).
Joconoxtle [‘like a bunch of large redishes. Bunch larger tan a man’s head’]
Tejocote [‘tiny wee apples, only the size of cherries’]
Mamey [‘russet coloured, thick skin, about 4 inches long, with one large Brown seed which is used in the country for polishing clothes]
Zapote [‘small Green melón which grows on tres in clusters like cocoa nuts. Has hundreds of black pips like hard currants’]
Tuna [‘fruit of prickly pear, from which a preserve is made’]
Granadita [‘fruit of the passion flower’]

Relacion de Michoacan

‘Genealogía de los señores de Pátzcuaro, Cuyuacan y Michoacán’ in Relacion de Michoacan(1541). The genealogy of the lords of Patzcuaro, Cuyacan and Michoacan; Top left in European-style clothes don Antonio Huitzimengari is depicted.