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Qiuyang Chen

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of History, Warwick, co-supervised by Dr Song-Chuan Chen and Dr Laura Schwartz. My research interests broadly locate in gender history and Chinese history in modern and contemporary periods. My ongoing Ph.D. thesis is 'Women and Private Credit in South-east Coastal China in the 1980s'.

This research project incorporates the tools of oral history, historical anthropology, and digital humanities to study the relationship between the female network and the custom of microfinance in rural maritime communities in south-east coastal China. It specifically studies an informal financial instrument ‘hui’, which was a private credit association, and subsequent ‘hui’ credit crises in the late 1980s that disrupted local communities greatly. While having been major agents in the private credit market for decades, the voice of local women was left out when credit crises were generated into collective memory. Thus, the study examines how the hui and credit crises were portrayed in the local narrative and reviews their impact on local gender norms. It also studies women's interactions with the regulations and limitations imposed by various official authorities to explore the social and cultural significance of private credit and the way it influenced local industries and economic policies during the initial years of the Chinese market economy.


Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Warwick, Jan–June 2021

  • HI112-30 Mongols, Ming, and Manchu: China, 1500–1800
  • Ph.D. in History, University of Warwick (2018-present)
  • MA in World History & Cultures, King's College London (2017-2018)
  • BA in English Language and Literature, Shanghai International Studies University (2013-2017)

2020 The Annette Lawson Charitable Trust Grant

Publication and Conference Papers

Book Review, ‘Hao Gao, Creating the Opium War: British Imperial Attitudes Towards China, 1792–1840’ in Britain and the World, 15 (1), March 2022, pp. 86-88.

Mar 2022 Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference 2022, ‘Emotional debt: unearthing female voices amid local credit crises in southeast coastal China’

Sept 2021 British Association for Chinese Studies 2021 Annual Conference, ‘Staging political performance: grassroots governance on credit crises in southeast coastal China in the 1980s and 1990s’

Sept 2021 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies 2021 Annual Conference, ‘The Role of State: Governing Credit Crises in Southeast Costal China in the 1980s and 1990s’

June 2021 Women’s History Network Seminar, ‘Women and private credit: unearthing female voices amid local credit crises in southeast coastal China in the 1980s’

June 2018 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies 2018 Annual Conference, 'The Making and De-making of the Iron Girls: 1960s – 1980s'.

Academic Workshops
2021 Fudan-Harvard Yenching Institute Training Workshop on New Media and Gender Studies 2–9 Jan. 2021
The Ninth Cross-strait Historical Anthropology Workshop: Min-Yue and Ocean (Guangdong and Fujian, China) 4–15 Aug. 2019
2019 Women History Workshop: Global History from a Gender Perspective(Academic Sinica, Taiwan) 24–27 June 2019
Training Courses
An Introduction to Oral History by the Institute of Historical Research Jan.–Apr. 2019
Introduction to Digital Humanities edX course by Harvard University Dec. 2020–Apr. 2021
Other positions

Internal Secretary, British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies


Co-convenor, Warwick CSWG (Centre for the Study of Women and Gender) Graduate Seminar Series

Oct. 2020–Oct. 2021

Organising committee and moderator, King's College London World History Student Conference 2018

May 2018
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Qiuyang Chen

Office hour: Thursday 3-4 pm during term time