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Oihane Etayo

About me:

I am a third-year PhD student based in the Department of History. My project is co-supervised by Dr Sarah Richardson from the History Department and Dr Noortje Marres from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies. My research is kindly funded by a Postgraduate Fellowship from Fundación La Caixa.

My academic background is interdisciplinary. I have studied a BSc in Sociology, specialising in Political Sociology, and an MSc in Comparative Politics with a strong grounding in history. I followed the stream on Popular Politics, writing my dissertation about the origins of peripheral nationalist movements in Spain during the nineteenth century. Before undertaking my PhD, I worked on policy analysis and social research, mainly related to gender equality and social inclusion.

Research Overview:

My research focuses on the study of episodes of contention performed by women during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Britain. Women's contentious actions remain marginal to the study of social and political mobilisation, especially in historical perspective. Most classic theoretical approaches to the study and understanding of protest have been built on predominantly male evidence. However, political and social structures have never been gender-neutral and, as a consequence, researching the history of women’s protest is not possible without reconsidering the politics of gender that have shaped the study of protest so far.

The main aim of this project is to approach the study of women's protest as a situated performance through the application of different interdisciplinary methodological approaches to map out the complex relationships between elements such as individual and collective actors, non-human materials, sites, organisations, institutions, discourses, cultural symbols or histories in the configuration of protest. The exploration of different case studies across this key period aims to achieve a better understanding of the role played by gender in the development of modern protest and participation tactics.

Research Interests:
  • Social constructions of gender in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • History of Protest and Social Movements
  • History of Women
  • Gender Studies
Conference Papers:
  • June 2020: Situational mapping for the material exploration of gender in historical protest. Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies Postgraduate Conference – Zine format.
  • March 2020: 'Lolling about doing nothing’: performances and embodiment of women’s protest in the nineteenth century through an alternative analysis of 1888 'matchgirls’ strike. Nineteenth Century Research Seminar, Edinburgh University,
  • September 2019: Contentious cinderellas: performances of female power and embodiment of protest in the nineteenth century through the case study of the 'matchgirls’ strike. Gender, Power and Religion Conference, London.
  • February 2018: Una aproximación a la transmisión intergeneracional de la pobreza en Navarra. VI Congreso REPS, Seville.
Academic Profile:

2018 – 2022 PhD in History. University of Warwick

2014 – 2015 MSc in Comparative Politics. London School of Economics and Political Science

2009 – 2014 BSc in Sociology. Public University of Navarre (visiting year at Birmingham City University)


Fundación La Caixa, European Postgraduate Fellowship.

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Oihane Etayo

Office Hours:
Thursday, 12noon - 1pm

Office hours take place on MS Teams and you can book them via the tab above. If you can't make the suggested time, please email me.