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Seminar Attendance

Departmental Research Seminars: RECORD OF ATTENDANCE
Full-time - You must attend at least six sessions
Part-time - You must attend at least six sessions over your two years of study.
I can confirm that I have attended the correct number of departmental seminars for my student status during the academic year 2014/15.
Confirmation of attendance:
Confirmation of attendance:
If no, please give details below:

Please give dates of the relevant seminars attended:
(Please note: Dates of seminars can be found on our 'Research Seminars and Reading Groups' web page: via the main page or 'Archive'

Please give dates of any Reading Group meetings attended:

Please note any other seminars attended (with dates). These can include external conferences and seminars relevant to your course and/or dissertation research.

I confirm that the information submitted in this form is a true and accurate record of the seminars I have attended.
Confirmation of submission:
Confirmation of submission:
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The data provided by this form will be held on file as part of your degree requirements.
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