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The History of the Latin American Drug Trade (AM421)

Office Hours:


Dr Benjamin Smith
Room H338, third floor of the Humanities Building
Tuesday 4pm-5pm and Friday 11-12 or by appointment. (On Teams)

+44 (0)24 76523422 (internal extension 23422)

Monday 1 -3pm (Chancellors 1 or online)

Tuesday 2-4 pm (Chancellors 3 or online)

Tuesday 5-7 pm (Council Chamber or online)

Friday 9-11 am (Library Teaching Grid or online)

Friday 2-4 pm (MB0.07 or online)





COVID 19 format of course.

This format is subject to change. However, at present the course will be taught one week online and one week in person. Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are online. Weeks 2, 4, 8 and 10 are in person.

For each seminar you will be expected to read a) Core Reading and b) One of the selected "Group" readings. Students will be allocated groups in the preceding class. These are all either in the library as ebooks, in journals that the library possesses or on pdf in the bibliography.

The 2 hour seminars. They will consist of

- a 10 minute introduction

- 45 minutes in which students will be split into groups and expected to discuss the questions relating to their "Group" readings. After this discussion, each group should be expected to given a short, five minute summary of the answer to the "Group" question.

- 5 minute break

- 50-60 minute discussion relating to a) The overall theme of the week b) individual "Group" questions.

Performance in these discussions will be assessed for 10% of the student's grade. If students would prefer another means of assessing this aspect of their grade, they are welcome to do a short 1000 word summary of their reactions to a particular weekly topic instead.

A note on emailing: I will try to respond to e-mails in as timely a fashion as possible within normal working hours (i.e. 9-5.30 Monday to Friday). Please add 'AM421' to the start of your subject line so that I can spot course-related e-mails. Those that do not contain this often go into my junk mail. Please also understand that I often cannot give an instant reply.

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