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Withdrawn Module: Africa and America since 1776 (HI31W)

Please note that this module was available
from 2012 to 2013, but has since been
withdrawn and is no longer available.

Tutor: Dr Bronwen Everill

Americans have long had a complicated relationship with Africa, ranging from exploitation to humanitarianism, political and intellectual influence to actual physical migration. This undergraduate final-year Advanced Option module will allow students to examine through a thematic approach the relationship between Africa and the United States since the 18th century, exploring the themes that have dominated diplomatic and social relations between these two regions. Looking at a variety of topics from both the US and African perspective and historiography will reveal the points of contrast and comparison in the developing relationship between the two regions. Topics covered will include race, migration, political ideology, encounters, trade, and ‘imaginaries’. Students will also examine the effect of the African Diaspora as an agent of historical change in US-African relations, and discuss the ways in which imagination has informed political processes, economic development and social relations between Africa and America.