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Images of the Other: Western Travel Writing and the Historiography of Russia

Prof. Christopher Read


1) First glimpses: the origin of the totalitarianism thesis

2) The 'thaw'

3) The 'second cold war'

Core Reading

John Gunther, Inside Russia Today (1958)
Laurens van der Post, Journey into Russia (1964)
Hedrick Smith, The Russians (1976)
Robert Kaiser, Russia: The People and the Power (1976)
*Abbott Gleason, Totalitarianism: The Inner History of the Cold War (1995)

Other Travellers’ Accounts

*Eric Newby, The Big Red Train Ride: A Ride on the Trans-Siberian Express (1978)
*Elizabeth Pond
*Colin Thubron, Among the Russians (1985)
*Michael Binyon, Life in Russia (1985)
*Anthony Barnett, Soviet Freedom (1988)
Martin Walker, The Waking Giant: The Soviet Union under Gorbachev (1986)
Susan Richards, Epics of Everyday Life (1990)
*Philip Marsden, The Spirit Wrestlers (1999)

* not in library – available from me.