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The Furies of Revolution (HI33Q)

Please note that this module has been
temporarily withdrawn and is therefore
not available to students in 2016/17.

  Professor Christopher Read
Room H323, Humanities Building
+44 (0) 24 76523308
  Dr Charles Walton
Room H337, Humanities Building
+44 (0)24 76524421 (internal extension 24421)


This 30 CATS undergraduate final-year Advanced Option module is a comparative study of the French and Russian Revolutions, spanning the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Students will compare and contrast common themes from the two revolutions, including topics such as social classes and their role, the impact of war, violence, political mobilisation, political actors and parties, propaganda, terror, and high culture. Students will also consider contemporary views and memories of the revolutions, as well as focusing on how politics was affected by the ghosts of the French and Russian revolutions stalking European and World society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

There are no pre-requesites for students wishing to study this module. However, students are not permitted to study both the final-year Advanced Option module 'The Furies of Revolution (HI33Q)' and the final-year Special Subject module 'Russian Revolution, 1914-21 (HI317)'.

French RevolutionRussian Revolution