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Trip to St Mary's Church, Warwick

Instead of a lecture in week 10, we will pay a visit to St Mary's Church, Warwick.


I've booked us in for two group visits - details about groups, times, and directions have been circulated by email.


In advance of the visit, please have a look at the church's website for a brief introduction: St Mary's website


There will be many points of interest in the church, but in particular, look out for

  • The older parts of the church building (crypt, chancel, vestry, chapterhouse). Look out for the copies of the churchwardens' accounts in the vestry. The chapterhouse contains the tomb of Fulke Greville, a 17th century funerary monument, which would be worth comparing to the medieval examples in the church
  • The magnificent 15th century Beauchamp Chapel - containing the tombs of the Earls of Warwick and relations. Look also at the stained glass, carvings and wall decorations
  • The tomb of Robert Beauchamp, in front of the high altar
  • The Easter sepulchre, next to the high altar