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Module Details


This module is an introduction to the modern history of Eastern Africa (defined here as present-day Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda). Beginning in the period prior to the onset of colonial rule at the end of the 19th century, the module examines the establishment of colonial rule, the effects of colonialism upon colonised societies, the growth of anti-colonial sentiments and the formation of post-colonial states. The final lectures explore the post-colonial period up to the end of the Cold War.

Weekly lectures will provide a chronological framework. Seminars will follow a similar pattern but concentrate on key debates within the historiography. Seminars will be based around the analysis of primary source materials.

The module will encourage consideration of changing historiographical and methodological approaches to the study and research of African history. The module will also introduce literature from the fields of political science and anthropology.


Assessment of this course differs depending on whether the student is in their first or second year.

First year students are assessed on the basis of the best 2 of 3 2000 word essays completed over the duration of the course (worth 50% of the overall mark) and one extended 4500 word essay (worth 50% of the overall mark).

Second year students have two options available to them. Under the first option, students complete 1 2 hour examination (worth 50% overall) AND 1 extended 4500 word essay (again worth 50% overall). Under the second option, students are assessed entirely on the basis of their performance in 1 3 hour examination (worth 100% of the overall mark). While not counting towards final assessment, second year students must complete three short essays through the year. 

Short essay (of 2000 words) deadlines are as follows:

Term 1, week 7, Tuesday 18 November 2010

Term 2, week 2, Tuesday 20 January 2011

Term 2, week 10, Thursday 17 March 2011