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French Political Regimes

1589-1789 Bourbon Monarchy (Ancien régime)

1789-1792 Revolution leading to constitutional monarchy

1792-1804 First Republic ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’

1804-1814 First Empire: Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French

1814-1830 Bourbon Restoration: King Louis XVIII (1814-24), King Charles X (1824-30)

1830-1848 July Monarchy: King Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orleans

1848-1852 Second Republic: Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, President

1852-1870 Second Empire: Napoleon III, Emperor of the French

1870-1940 Third Republic

1940-1944 The Vichy Regime (Etat français): Philippe Pétain, head of state

1944-1946 Provisional Government of the French Republic, headed by Charles de Gaulle

1946-1958 Fourth Republic

1958-present Fifth Republic