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Online Resources

The internet is a valuable source of information on French History, in both English and French (some French websites also have an English version). Nevertheless, it is very important to assess critically what you find on the internet – quality and accuracy vary enormously.

Primary sources Primary sources compiled especially for this module by Warwick's Modern Records Centre The Internet Modern History Sorucebook, hosted by Fordham University, New York. An excellent resource. Primary soruces (translated into English) relating to French Communist Party. Gives Communist perspective on Resistance, Algerian War and May '68, amongst other topics. See also EuroDocs: Online sources for European History in French and English A searchable collection of French letters from the 19th century (in French and English) Site dedicated to this huge figure in French politics. Transcripts of speeches in English. Documents on EU integration (N.B. Not all are relevant to France) Europeana - online collection of images, documents etc (N.B. Not all are relevant to France) The History pages of the French Studies Web site - primary sources and other resources (in French and English)

Mailing lists, library catalogues and other resources H-France - mailing list, discussions, forums and more on French history Homepage for the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris , the French national library French Embassy website on French culture in the UK (in French and English) Simon Kitson's website on Vichy France. French Links, Geoff Hare’s website on all things French website that accompanies the book France 1815 to 2003 - documents (mainly in French), images, interviews with historians (in English)