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May '68 and After

Seminar questions:

  • What factors led to the outbreak of protests and strikes in May 1968?

  • How radical were the “events” of May 1968?

  • What, if anything, changed in 1968?

  • What was the impact of 1968 in terms of sexual liberation?

  • How have the memories and meanings of the “events” evolved since 1968?

  • Was 1968 a turning point in French history?

Core Texts:

  • K Ross, May 1968 and its Afterlives (2002), introduction [digitized book extract]

  • M Seidman, The Imaginary Revolution: Parisian Students and Workers in 1968 (2004), chapter one 'Sex, Drugs and Revolution.' [digitized book extract]

  • M Sibalis, ‘The spirit of May '68 and the origins of the gay liberation movement in France,’ in L J Frazier and D Cohen (eds), Gender and Sexuality in 1968 (2009) [ebook]

  • J Jackson, 'The Mystery of May 68', French Historical Studies 33: 4 (2010), 625-653 [electronic]

  • Background: Popkin, History of Modern France, ch. 32.

Further reading:

Primary sources:


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Immediate reactions to the “events”

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More recent work

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The transnational dimension

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