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The Birth of a Modern Consumer Society

Seminar Questions:

  • How would you define a consumer society?

  • What explains the rise of consumerism in France in the latter half of the nineteenth century?

  • To what extent had France become a mass consumer society by 1914? To what extent was it a bourgeois development?

  • What was the relationship between gender and consumerism?

Core reading:

  • N Green, 'Art and Industry: The Language of Modernisation in the Production of Fashion,' French Historical Studies (1994), 18: 3, p. 722-748 [electronic resource]
  • P Nord, The Republican Moment, chp 7 'The New Painting' (1995)
  • G Shaya, ‘The Flâneur, the Baudaud and the Making of a Mass Public in France, circa 1860-1910,’ American Historical Review 109 (Feb 2004), 41-77 [electronci resource]
  • L Tiersten, Marianne in the Market: Envisioning Consumer Culture in Fin-de-Siècle France (2001), chapter 1 [Digitized book extract]
  • Background: Popkin, History of Modern France, chps. 19 and 21.

Further reading:


  • R Williams Dream Worlds: Mass Consumption in late Nineteenth-Century France (1982)

  • Gildea, Children of the Revolution (2008), chap 14

  • Magraw, France, 1800-1914 (2002), chap 8

Making, Consuming and Advertising

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Mass culture

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