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Divided France?: The Dreyfus Affair

Seminar Questions:

  • What were the causes of the Dreyfus Affair?

  • How widespread was anti-Semitism in France at the end of the nineteenth century?

  • What explains the role of intellectuals, such as Zola, in the Affair?

  • What were the links between the Dreyfus Affair and gender identities?

  • What were the political, social, and economic consequences of the Affair?

  • Does the Dreyfus Affair still matter today?

Core reading:

  • D Drake, French Intellectuals and Politics (2005), chapter 1 [ebook]

  • C Forth, ‘Adventure of the naked truth: The Dreyfus Affair and the female form,’ French Cultural Studies 12 (2001) [electronic]

  • N Fitch, ‘Mass parliamentary politics, and modern anti-Semitism: The Dreyfus Affair in rural France,’ American Historical Review 97:1 (1992), 55-95 [electronic]

  • R Harris, ‘How the Dreyfus Affair Explains Sarkozy’s Barqa Ban,’ 12 May 2010

  • Background: Popkin, History of Modern France, chps. 20.

Further reading:


primary source

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The Jewish community and anti-Semitism

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