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Gender and Sexuality at the Fin-de-siècle

Seminar questions

  • How successful was French feminism between 1871 and 1914?

  • What explains the emergence of the "new woman"?

  • Was there a crisis of French masculinity?

  • Was there a crisis in gender relations? If so, why?

Core reading:

  • K Offen 'Depopulation, nationalism and feminism in Fin-de-Siècle France' American Historical Review 89/3 (1984): 648-676

  • J Scott, Only Paradoxes to Offer (1996), introduction, chps. 4-5 (on Hubertine Auclert and Madeleine Pelletier respectively)

  • Be sure you have begun reading the novel by A Djebar, An Algerian Cavalcade.

Further reading:


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On gender and history

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Feminism and protest

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