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The Old Regime

Seminar Questions

  • What was ‘privilege’ in the Old Regime?
  • How ‘absolute’ was ‘absolutism’? Is it a useful term?
  • How was the nobility transformed across the 18th century?

Core Reading

  • J. Popkin, A History of Modern France, chps 1-3.
  • For further detail (but make sure to leave time for week 2's readings), see W. Doyle (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Ancien Regime [electronic resource, available through library]:

Chapter 2, Peter Campbell, ‘Absolute Monarchy’
Chapter 7, John Shovlin, ‘Nobility’
Chapter 9, Gail Bossenga, ‘Estates, Orders and Corps’
Chapter 10, Alan Forrest, ‘Poverty’
Chapter 23, Mark Ledbury, ‘Patronage’

Further reading

  • W. Doyle (ed.), Old Regime France: 1648-1788 (2001)
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  • T. Kaiser and D. Van Kley, From Deficit to Deluge: The Origins of the French Revolution (2010)
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