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Withdrawn Module: Legacies of Colonialism in East Asia, 1895-present (HI31Q)

manchukuo-harmony.jpgPlease note that this module was available
from 2011 to 2012, but has since been
withdrawn and is no longer available.

Tutor: Dr Christian Hess

This module does not require any prerequisites. However, students who have previously taken the module "The Rise of Modern China, 1895-Present (HI168)" will have familiarity with the general narrative of China-related content.

This module is designed to cover both historical and contemporary issues, balancing literary, visual, and historical source materials in its exploration of the legacies of colonialism in East Asia (Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong). Major themes to be covered include the economic and developmental legacies of colonialism, the political impact of colonial systems - particularly in terms of issues of nationalism, citizenship, government structures and legal systems, and an exploration of the cultural legacies of colonialism, including the experiences of both colonizer and colonized. Students will develop and understanding of the modern history of East Asia in relation to the forces of imperialism and colonialism, see the similarities and differences in how the colonial experience impacted different places and peoples in East Asia, and understand how this experience continues to shape relations between East Asian states and between the region and the rest of the world.