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The Victorian City (HI371) - Course Reading

Course Text (Recommended for Purchase)

Chris Williams (ed.), A Companion to Nineteenth-century Britain

General Texts

A Briggs, Victorian Cities

D Cannadine and D Reeder (eds), Exploring the Urban Past: Essays in urban history by H J Dyos

P Corfield, The Impact of English Towns

M Daunton (ed.), The Cambridge Urban History of Britain : 1840-1950 (Cambridge Urban History of Britain, Vol. 3)

R Dennis, English Industrial Cities of the Nineteenth Century

H Dyos and M Wolff (eds), The Victorian City: Images and Realities, 2 vols.

D Fraser, and A Sutcliffe (eds), The Pursuit of Urban History

J Johnson and C Pooley (eds), The Structure of Nineteenth-Century Cities

R J Morris and R Rodger (eds), The Victorian City

F M L Thompson, The Cambridge Social History of Britain, volume 2

P Waller, Town, City and Nation: England, 1850-1914

Contemporary Perspectives of the Victorian City

F Engels, The Condition of the Working Class in England.

F Engels, The Housing Question.

W Cooke Taylor, Notes of a Tour in the Manufacturing Districts.

E Chadwick, Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain.

C F G Masterman, The Condition of England.

J P Kay-Shuttleworth, The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes Employed in the Cotton Manufacture in Manchester.

E Howard, Garden Cities of Tomorrow.

H Taine, Notes on England.

A Bowley and A R Burnett-Hurst, Livlihood and Poverty.

F Bell, At the Works.

S Rowntree, Poverty.

S Rowntree, Poverty and Progress.

C Booth, Life and Labour of People in London.

J Ruskin, The Crown of Wild Olive: Four Lectures on Industry and War.

J L Hammond, The Town Labourer.


C Dickens, Hard Times.

E Gaskell, North and South.

B Disraeli, Sybil.

A Bennett, Clayhanger.

R Roberts, The Classic Slum.

R Roberts, A Ragged Schooling.

G Gissing, The Nether World.