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Key Texts

  • Chris Williams (ed.), A Companion to Nineteeth-Century Britain, Part II: Politics and Government
  • Martin Daunton (ed.), The Cambridge Urban History of Britain, Part II: Governance
  • D Fraser, ‘Politics and the Victorian city’, Urban History Yearbook (1979)
  • John Garrard, 'Urban Elites, 1850-1914: The rule and decline of a new squirearchy?', Albion, 1995
  • E Hennock, ‘Central/local government relationships in England: an outline 1800-1950’, Urban History Yearbook (1982)
  • Philip Salmon, '"Reform Should Begin at Home" : English Municipal and Parliamentary Reform, 1818-32'. Parliamentary History (2005)

Seminar Questions

  • How democratic were the institutions of government in Victorian cities? eg vestries, municipal government, highway surveyors, overseers of poor etc
  • What roles were there for the landed elite? the nonconformist middle classes? women? the poor?
  • Examine central/local government relations in this period.
  • Is the history of local government a history of inaction and apathy?
  • Examine the structures of power (and resistance to power) in one city using the sources below.


Further Reading

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Parochial affairs [h]all

A satire on a vestry meeting at St Paul's Covent Garden in 1828