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Key Texts

  • Martin Hewitt, 'Class and the Classes' in Chris Williams (ed.), A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Britain  
  • Richard Trainor, 'The Middle Class' in Martin Daunton (ed.), The Cambridge Urban History of Britain 
  • J Foster, ‘Nineteenth-century towns - a class dimension’ in Dyos (ed.), The Study of Urban History 
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  • R. A. Sykes, 'Some aspects of working-class consciousness in Oldham, 1830-1842', Historical Journal, 1980
  • M. S. Hickox, 'The English Middle-Class Debate', British Journal of Sociology, 1995

Seminar Questions

  • Is a study of class important to understand the Victorian City?
  • Were Victorian cities an expression of class conflict and a site of class struggle?
  • Did the urban middle class develop an ideology of their own?
  • How important were gender ideologies in the development of class identities?
  • How were class identities represented in the fabric of the city? (Use Bradford case studies)

further reading

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