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Key Texts

  • P Joyce, ‘Work’ in FML Thompson (ed.), Cambridge Social History of Britain, vol 2.
  • David Gilbert and Humphrey Southall, 'The Urban Labour Market', in Martin Daunton (ed.), The Cambridge Urban History of Britain
  • Sally Alexander, ‘Women’s work in nineteenth-century London’ in Sally Alexander, Becoming a Woman
  • A J McIvor, A History of Work in Britain 1880-1950

seminar questions

  • What was the meaning of work in the nineteenth century?
  • How did the ‘culture of the factory’ pervade Victorian cities?
  • Were the employment opportunities for women in the last half of the nineteenth century a real advance for equal opportunities?
  • Account for the prevalence of sweated labour in Victorian Britain.
  • What were the causes and consequences of the high levels of unemployment and casual labour in Victorian cities?
  • What role did trade unions have in the regulation of working practices in this period?
  • Are the census and trade directories problematic as sources to understand working patterns in nineteenth-century cities?


further reading

D Alexander, Retailing in England during the Industrial Revolution

D Bythell, The Sweated Trades

F Engels, The Condition of the Working Class in England

D Green, ‘Street trading in London: a case study of casual labour 1830-60’ in Johnson and Pooley (eds), The Structure of Nineteenth-Century Cities

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