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Key Texts

  • D Cannadine, ‘Victorian Cities: How Different?’, Social History, 1977 (and in Morris and Rodger, The Victorian City)
  • M Daunton, ‘Introduction’ in Cambridge Urban History of Britain, vol 3
  • H. J. Dyos (ed), The Study of Urban History
  • Simon Gunn, 'Urbanization' in Chris Williams (ed.), A Companion to Nineteenth-century Britain 
  • Kate Hill, 'Review Essay: Tales of the City, Discourse and Governance in the Victorian City', Journal of Urban History, 2007
  • Tristram Hunt, Building Jerusalem: the rise and fall of the Victorian city, 'Preface - Manufacturing Cities'


Group Presentation

Please choose one British city for a group presentation which will address the questions below. You may wish to look at issues such population change, the built environment, trades/economic structure, government, social structure, the poor, immigration, etc. Town and city histories are found in the local history section of the library in the classmarks DA 670 passim. For example: Yorkshire books are found under DA 670.97 and West Midlands books under DA 670.83. The Victoria County Histories are also a good general source of information and many cities have websites outlining their history. Please could each group post up a summary of their presentation on the module forum

Seminar Questions

  • How different are Victorian cities?
  • To what extent was the Victorian city a middle class creation?
  • Define the concept of the ‘urban’.
  • How did contemporaries react to the phenomenon of the Victorian city?

Further Reading

P Abrams, ‘Towns and economic growth: some theories and problems’, in P Abrams and E A Wrigley (eds), Towns in Societies: Essays in Economic History and Historical Sociology

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Industrial Landscape (Heaton, Stockport by loose_grip_99 on Flickr)