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The Victorian City (HI371) - Term 2, Seminar 2

Seminar 2: Leisure

Key Texts

P Bailey, ‘A Mingling mass of perfectly legitimate pleasures: the Victorian middle class and the pursuit of the leisure’, Victorian Studies, 1977

H Cunningham, Leisure in the Industrial Revolution 1780-1880, esp chs 1 and 5

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J K Walton, The English seaside resort: a social history, 1750-1914

· Was there an attempt to introduce ‘safe, respectable or improving alternative activities’?

· Does working-class leisure and recreation express a class identity and culture under attack from the repressive and manipulative forces of middle class authority?

· Investigate the ‘commercialisation’ of leisure.

· Was there a sexual division of leisure pursuits?

· What was the balance between large-scale, organised and informal, family based recreations - ie public versus private?

· How does elite leisure activity differ from working class pursuits?

· How did the growth of ‘resort’ towns (eg seaside resorts and spa towns) change patterns of leisure in the 19th century

Further Reading


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